Effective as of July 26, 2022

The Rundown

Our vision is to create a world where there is no barrier to inspirations, no judgment to self-expression, and no limit to where creativity could be applied. These community guidelines are intended to help filter creators and fans make meaningful connections, create freely and express ourselves openly. We want Polarr to be a safe space for creators and fans to feel supported, trusted and appreciated. Thank you for building and supporting our Polarr community.

The Specifics

These Community Guidelines, along with our Terms of Service, explain what is and isn’t allowed within Polarr and Polarr 24FPS. These apply to all content, including all forms of communication (such as text, commenting , images, videos, audio, links, and emojis), and to everyone on our platforms. Although this guide provides specific situations that are prohibited, these guidelines do not fully encompass all possible situations of abuse on our apps. Therefore, our team reserves the right to decide, in our sole discretion, what content and behaviors violate our  guidelines and will not be permitted on the Polarr applications. Be mindful that this is a living, breathing document that the Polarr team may occasionally review, improve, and modify.

When content or any person violates these guidelines or our Terms of Service, we may take a number of enforced actions, which include, but are not limited to: removing content, suspending or removing the accounts, and potentially reporting them to law enforcement.

If you come across anyone within the Polarr community or content that appears to violate these guidelines, here is how to report it to us.

Respect the Polarr Community

Treat others with kindness and respect. Learn to freely express yourself with Polarr filters and respect others through their creative expressions on Polarr and Polarr 24FPS.

No Hateful Behavior

There's no place for hate on Polarr. We will not tolerate or allow content that:

  • Discriminates, attacks, or promotes hatred or violence towards individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or serious illness, or any other protected classification
  • Action will be taken against those that attack human dignity using things such as degrading or demeaning stereotypes

No Harassment and Bullying

Content or activity that contains abusive content or negatively affects or impacts others within the Polarr Community is not allowed. This includes:

  • Degrading, shaming, intimidation, or harassment of others by any means
  • Inciting, promoting, or encouraging violence and/or coordinated harassment.
  • Repeated or unwanted contact or solicitation

No Violence and Threatening Content

Polarr is not a place for graphic violence.  Please do not post content such as:

  • Statements supporting for, promoting, or intending to commit violent acts towards others or towards a specified, identifiable, or targeted individual or group
  • Depicting weapons with violent intent, including weapons positioned at another, weapons with blood or gore, or weapons widely associated with mass violence.
  • Depicting torture, slaughter, and/or cruelty towards animals or humans.
  • Content that can lead to online or offline harm by inciting violent actions or threatening to cause emotional, physical, or financial harm to others

No Harmful or Suicidal Content

Harmful behavior that could directly put others within the Polarr community at risk is not allowed. This includes content that:

  • Glorifies self-harm (e.g., eating disorders, self-inflicted physical injuries, and suicide)
  • Encourages suicide or engagement in self-harm
  • Promotes challenges with potential or real risk of harm

If you or someone you know is considering self-harm or suicide, here are resources for you to seek support or assistance.

Respect the Polarr Platform

Help support and promote a positive and safe experience for Filter Creators and Fans on Polarr by creating, sharing and inspiring others with quality content.

No Extremism and Hate Organizations

Polarr is not a place for the promotion or distribution of hateful activities. We will remove content and terminate accounts affiliated with terrorist organizations, gangs, cult communities, organized crime, and other extremist or hate organizations. This includes:

  • Representation or support of extremism organizations that promote or organize terrorism, hate, or violent activity
  • Promotion, organization, or celebration of violent or extremist organizations through depicting names, flags, slogans, logos, and other identifiers associated with such groups.
  • Recruitment of people to join and/or support extremist organizations.

No Illegal Conduct

Illegal behavior such as the creation, distribution and promotion of illegal activity is not allowed. We reserve the right to report any such violations to law enforcement. The following is not allowed:

  • Content engaging in illegal behavior or criminal activity
  • Fraudulent activities
  • Illegal or illicit use of drugs
  • Engaging or trying to engage a minor in conversation for sexual purposes
  • Anything else that is against the law

No Nudity and Sexually Explicit Content or Behavior

Polarr strives to provide a safe space for quality creative inspiration, creation, and content. Openly sexualized content (including content digitally created or enhanced) that disturbs this experience is not permitted.This includes:

  • Nudity, sexually explicit, or pornographic content
  • Sexual fetish, sexual arousal, groping, or any type of sexual activity
  • Sexualized language or sexualized comments, emojis, texts, or other graphics
  • Soliciting or threatening to release non-consensual intimate imagery or messages in an attempt to cause financial, emotional, or physical harm to somebody
  • Soliciting or offering sexual services for money or other consideration
  • Sexually suggestive content that is intended to arouse or that is focused on the genitals, anus, buttocks, or private body parts that would typically be covered by a bathing suit.

In some cases, we may permit partial nudity shared in a non-sexualized manner. Such content is typically shared for raising awareness, advocacy, education or documentary purposes.

No Nudity and Sexually Conduct: Minor Saftey

Any content involving child nudity, sexual exploitation, and abuse is strictly prohibited. This type of content will be removed and immediately reported to the proper authorities. This includes:

  • Posting or soliciting of content, including digitally-created or enhanced content, depicting nudity of minors and/or that appears to be sexualizing a minor.
  • Accounts created for the sole purpose of sexualizing or inappropriately admiring children.
  • Posting content depicting child abuse or the infliction or physical or emotional harm on a minor.
  • Following or liking users on our platform in order to make sexual remarks or engage in grooming behavior.
  • Content that promotes or glorifies pedophelia.

We may sometimes take down content that contains nudity, even if posted by a family member, to protect your child’s privacy.

Foster Genuine Connections

Connect with Polarr Filter Creators and Fans in a genuine and meaningful way to positively impact our community.

False Information

Misleading or false content can disrupt the creation of genuine connections on Polarr. This includes:

  • Misleading or false information that may cause harm to individuals, specific protected groups, our community, or the public, regardless of intent
  • Content that promotes conspiracies attacking specified protected groups
  • Content denying the occurrence of violent or tragic events

No Spam and Phishing

Be honest in your conduct and interactions on Polarr. The following content and behaviors are not allowed:

  • Attempting to deceive, manipulate, or take advantage of others on Polarr
  • Non-genuine solicitation of services of or from others on Polarr

Safeguard Integrity

Polarr celebrates original expression. Polarr is a place where creators can experiment freely and authentically.

No Private Information

We ensure the protection of someone’s identity by prohibiting the solicitation or disclosure of any personally identifiable or private information of others or your own, such as:

  • Identity cards and passports
  • Work badges
  • License plates
  • Any unlisted contact information

Intellectual Property

Polarr serves as a safe space for creativity and inspiration. We ensure the protection of someone’s ownership of works by prohibiting the following:

  • Using or posting content that's someone else's copyrighted or trademarked work without permission
  • Posting or distributing elsewhere Polarr copyrighted or trademarked works without permission

If you come across anyone within the Polarr community or content that you believe has used your or someone else’s work, here is how to report it to us.

No Impersonation

Polarr is a place for self-expression, so be yourself. We prohibit content that misrepresents such as:

  • Impersonating another person or organization in a way that deceives others
  • Falsely impersonating our Polarr brand or content