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“On a long hike, the view is the reward. Every meter was worth it. This is happiness,” begins Emely (@silentfaraway), a 20-year-old dental hygienist who loves to travel and photograph landscapes in her spare time. “When I take a picture, I can catch a moment,” she explains. “That beauty never will forgotten.”’

From dark grey geysers in Iceland to Austrian mountains or the lush, green meadows of Bavaria, Emely's travels take her to some of Europe's most sublime landscapes. “When I travel, I feel how small you are” she explains. “Problems are suddenly no longer problems. You can dream, you can enjoy. When I’m on a mountain, I stay and take a deep breath.”

Other than landscape photography, Emely also enjoys taking pictures of her loved ones, especially her partner Luke (@xluke1403x), who often accompanies her on her travels. “He's my inspiration not to lose my love of photography,” she shares, “even in gray days”