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"I’m part of a really cool Black community in China," shares Ernest James Mramba (@erny_x), a 22-year-old photographer and medical student studying in Haikou, the capital of China's island province Hainan. "The community I’m a part of is made up of people from different parts of Africa putting their differences in culture, language and ethics aside," Ernest adds. "It’s really amazing for us to come together.“

Ernest's love for photography began in 2014, but the passion developed quickly. "Art makes you feel alive, and I think photography is one of the greatest forms of art," Ernest explains. "Photographers get to explore and interact with people." Most of the people in Ernest's photos are friends and classmates from medical school. And Ernest will tell you that when it comes to photography, the journey is only beginning. "I'm still going through the learning process," Ernest says, "In life, we need to fail so we can build."