Try Greg’s “Orange & Blue” filter and follow for more of his supercar photography.

“Driving supercars is another world,” shares Greg ( a French soldier with a passion for driving and photographing cars. “I can’t explain the feeling,” he adds, ”Just you and the road. You forget all your problems.”

“I started to like the automobile very young,” Greg explains of his earliest days with cars, when he began ”to photograph all the cars which I thought rare.” Since then, Greg has been bringing his love for cars to life through his photography. ”In each photo the car has a personality or even a mood,” Greg says. “I try through each photo to bring out my current state of mind.”

From Porches and Ferraris to his personal favorite, the Lamborghini Huracan, when capturing these luxury supercars, Greg shares that “the most important thing is to make the car stand out without leaving out the natural surroundings.” Think about your setting, how it expresses the car’s personality and the mood you want to create. And as a final tip, Greg shares, ”location matters a lot.”