In our "How I Did It" series, we talk with top Polarr Filter Creators to learn how they find their inspiration and grow their creative audience.

Last month, more than 28,000 people used filters created by Hend, a 17-year-old Polarr Filter Creator based in Saudi Arabia who has also built a huge community on her Instagram.

"I don’t stop posting. I've kept on posting since 2018," Hend shares. Since starting her creative journey nearly three years ago, she's created nearly 3,000 filters. And her commitment leads to results: if you spend time searching for Polarr filters across the internet, chances are you've come across a filter Hend has made.

She pays careful attention to her community and looks to them for inspiration. "I know what my followers like and what most people like," Hend explains. She looks for music videos, TV shows and celebrity photoshoots for colors and vibes that she likes, digging not only into the look but also the emotional feeling behind them. And as aware as she is of what's trending, at the end of the day, she says, it's about her fundamental love of art and design. "Sometimes I create for my followers and sometimes for me. Most of the time though," she laughs, "it's for me."

Hend's Advice for Creators

"Practice a lot. Make a lot of filters like me so you can learn more about the app and how to make a filter," she advises, emphasizing, "Curves and HSL are important." And finally, she encourages others to be as persistent as she has been: "Don’t stop. Because, if you stop, people won’t recognize you."