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“Coming from a cold, introverted British background makes me appreciate all the warm and extroverted qualities of Italy,” begins digital nomad and Italian leather workshop owner Jordan Kamellard (@hellofromgiordan). “And I try and capture that with my camera.”

Jordan’s love for Italy grew when he met his boyfriend, Emanuele (@emmblacks) while travelling Italy. “My love for him developed my love for the cliché of Italian living, and as far I’ve found out here, every single cliché is absolutely true,” he explains. A few years later, Jordan moved to Florence, Tuscany where he now captures his love for the art and history of antiquity — and for his boyfriend, too.

“Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance so just living in a place so rich in beauty gives me daily inspiration,” he continues. “The buildings and statues of the city read as a sort of narrative of how Europe began to emerge of out the dark ages and felt confident to start expressing themselves through art — to me, it’s a story of rebirth after darkness, which inspires me especially during these times of COVID!”

From the richest marbles to the disintegrating plaster facades, Jordan describes that “Florence has beautiful moments of symmetry, while also having chaotic medieval influences.” He also describes his favorite moment living in Florence: seeing the statue of David for the first time. “There’s something that you can see a million times in pictures, but you’ll never know how powerful it is to see it with your own eyes until you do.”