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“When I am in the zone, I experience a euphoric rush of joy. The thrill I get mid-jump is comparable to being on a rollercoaster ride,” begins 28-year-old London-based traceur Jordan White (@jordanthejumper). ”But the thing that makes me happy the most is the confidence in my body to commit to a jump.”

Jordan’s journey to parkour began in 2009 after he watched a documentary and became obsessed with learning how to backflip. “One of my favorite memories from my early days of training is when I landed my first backflip in 2010. When I did attempt the flip, I landed and the whole park erupted with excitement. The excitement, pride and relief in that moment is a vivid feeling and favoured memory I’ll probably never forget.”

Jordan finds himself training with people in their late teens, 20s, 30s—and even a man in his 40s. “Parkour has definitely brought people from different walks of life together,” he notes. “The Parkour community in London is very friendly, welcoming and diverse.”

When he is not moving through and over obstacles, Jordan photographs the sport: “My obsession with capturing parkour moments has grown into an obsession of saving moments for both myself and others,” he shares. “I hope the photos I take positively influence my local parkour community and those who see it overcoming obstacles of their own.”