Try Levi’s signature Polarr filters “Ventura”. Follow to watch his career unfold.

“Education looks a bit different for me” explains Levi Ventura (, “I’m Filipino, and my parents moved to America so I can have a better future — but they encourage me to pursue what I love.” But Levi came to realize he was walking a more creative path. “I was never good at math or science,” he shares, “Photography and art always came to me more naturally.

Levi’s now studying graphic design in college in Lincoln, Nebraska, but his love of photography started in high school: “I used to play lots of sports in high school, but I had a turning point where I needed to find something else.” He applied for a media director role at his high school, taking photos and videos of school events, but he quickly found himself photographing sneakerheads, street fashion and sportscars. “I recently got to shoot the BMW i8 with the butterfly doors,” Levi shares, excitedly. “I was like ‘Woah, this is where a camera can help take me.’ Ever since, I’ve been trying to reach for bigger projects.”