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"The Forza photography community is growing everyday," begins Nolan Faro (@nilosaure), a 16-year-old pastry student in France. After first playing @forzahorizonofficial in August 2020, Nolan fell in love with the game: “I love Forza Horizon for its beautiful graphics and majestic photo mode.”

Since August, Nolan has been capturing and sharing the beauty and personality of cars in Forza. “When I take photos, I look at the car, the scenery around, and the season and I think about what I could do to bring out the cars’ best features,” he explains. However, Nolan does not do this alone. He created his own club to connect other Forza photo lovers. "#Laprojectfh is my own club with 60 people where I organize realistic walks in the game," he shares. Together, they are able to explore and capture the open-world in Forza Horizon through the game's photo mode.

Looking to get into virtual photography? Nolan shares this one piece of advice that may sound familiar to any creative: "I would tell them that they need time, inspiration, and motivation — and that you should always strive to surpass yourself."