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“Our goal for RAMANI is to uplift and provide exposure for creatives of color” say sisters Ra’eesah and Amrah, who together run @ramani.collective from Cape Town, South Africa. Their highlights are filled with work from inspiring creators—and in their own creative work, the sisters focus on fashion. “The art of dressing and style is a way people express who they are, where they come from, and their cultural background as well as their collective identity within society,” they explain.

The project started as quarantine restrictions began earlier this year, but they took limitations in stride. “We don’t see location as an obstacle,” the sisters share, “It’s a challenge.” Most of their photos are taken around the University of Cape Town, where Ra'eesah recently graduated and Amrah is still in school. “Cape Town is a very diverse and multicultural area with lots of people from different countries,“ they share. “It’s a complete fashion thing for everyone to gather at Jammie Plaza.”